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SERVICES: wealth management

Peace of Mind: it's taken care of

Wealth Management

$2,400 / Quarter

Some people do not want to think about their retirement portfolios, a large sum of money and making decisions about how best to invest for the future. For these clients I offer my Wealth Management Service. Included are all the very important financial planning topics and process, the on-going support and review of your customized plan. In addition, I will monitor and adjust your investment accounts based on agreed-upon risk in order to reach your life goals.

We work together to ensure your asset allocation is tailored to your specific needs. I then implement those changes carefully, picking appropriate low-cost index funds taking into consideration any tax implications. Each month I'm monitoring your balances and allocation to ensure optimal performance. 

You are always in control: it's your money and you can always make decision on how much to invest or take out from your accounts. I'm here to help as a trusted partner to help alleviate the stress of day to day oversight.

What about robo advisors?

I love new technology and using sophisticated algorithms and computers to implement + monitor your investment portfolio is fantastic. I'm a big fan. Some of my clients have accounts with robo advisors and I help adjust their other holdings (retirement accounts or other outside accounts) to work alongside the automatic investment of the robo advisor.

Be aware of the downsides to these platforms. Some include:

 Cost : Although pretty inexpensive compared to traditional wealth management, costs can still add up.
 One Size Fits All : Robo advisors are not customized for you. This is great to save you from making costly mistakes, but it rarely works well with outside accounts (401(k), etc)
 Allocation : You cannot tweak some of the allocations. Want more ESG / SRI? More or less international exposure? Many also hold large cash balances which can be a major drag on performance.
 Asset Location : Different types of assets are best held in different account types due to tax implications. The nature of a one-asset-allocation for a robo advisor means you have some of everything in your account which is not the most tax efficient.