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Know the exact cost for the value you receive.

At Morton Financial Advice, we do things differently: We want you to know exactly what it will cost for the value that you will receive.

We do our best to have our costs and value be transparent. We want you to understand the exact process: what we’ll accomplish together, how we’ll do it, what you will receive and what it will cost. That’s the only way for you to make informed decisions. Peruse each of our services to find exactly what is provided and how much it will cost.

Full-Service Financial Plan


We work together to answer your biggest questions and make sure that you are on the right path to reach your financial goals. I deliver a full financial plan for the future including the necessary steps and tasks to make your dreams reality.

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Accountable Financial & Life Planning

$395 / Month

Is it time to get started with financial planning for yourself and your family? We cover all your critical questions and go soup-to-nuts over your financial life. I help you make the necessary changes along the way towards a succesful future.

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 Wealth Management

$2,400 / Quarter

In addition to all the Financial & Life Planning that we cover together (included), I also provide peace of mind by constantly monitoring your investment portfolio. We design a custom portfolio that balances your future goals, current desires and investment risks.

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By the Hour(ly) Financial Planning

If you want professional advice and support of your own financial plan and future, I offer advice and services by the hour. This is a great way for do-it-yourself folks to get a second opinion or support. Only pay for the time we spend together.  My rate is $275 / hour with a minimum of a quarter hour.  

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