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Throwing Darts to Pick Stocks

Do random dart-throwing portfolios beat professionals?

This article from the WSJ (paywall) compares individual stock picking abilities with one group (the journalists) throwing darts compared to professionals who each chose an individual stock. The 1-year results are astounding with the darts beating the professionals by over 20%!  

This of course is a random comparison, in the fullest sense. Single year company stock results are fairly random to begin with, depending on many outside factors including market risk, political risk and industry risk - let alone the individual company risk! However, this fun comparison also confirm studies showing that index funds tend to outperform professionals. 

What may be surprising is that the longer the time frame (5-, 10- and 15-years), the more an index fund outperforms professional managers. In other words the longer you invest, the more likely an index fund will do better than an actively managed fund. This research can be found over at SPIVA.

This article inspired me to hold my own dart-throwing fun! In the fall I will hold an event where we’ll pin up a stock board and throw darts to pick our own portfolios. If you’re interested in joining me, just give me a holler (or comment below) and I’ll make sure to send you an invitation later this year.

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