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Financial Advisor Expectations

Expectation of your Advisor

It’s important to have the correct expectations in working with a financial advisor or any professional. Do you understand the service that is being delivered to you? Are the costs clearly defined? 

Financial Advisors deliver a lot of value with planning topics such as insurance needs, retirement scenarios, tax strategies and others. They can also provide peace of mind when managing portfolios: aligning risk tolerance, portfolio allocation and staying the course during market gyrations. The biggest value may just be having a professional as a guide and resource to help with a successful financial future.

But if you have different expectations, you’re guaranteed to be disappointed. Make sure the process, service and costs are what you expect.

What I'm Reading

What I'm Listening To

  • Bo Eason was nine years old when he decided that he wanted to be the best safety in the NFL. It’s absolutely amazing to hear this story and understand how the narratives we tell ourselves can so profoundly affect our actual existence.  “Plan A always happens, unless you opt for plan B.”

    I loved The Omnivores Dilemma and I watched the Netflix series Cooked, so I’m familiar with and enjoy Michael Pollan’s work. I wasn’t sure about his new book: How to Change Your Mind (the new science of Psychedelics), but Michael’s exploration into the history, scientific knowledge and use of psychedelics is fascinating.  The stories he tells in this podcast are interesting and inspiring.

What comes next and how can I make it better