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Should I refinance my Mortgage? Thumbnail

Should I refinance my Mortgage?

Mortgage rates are once again coming down and a natural question is: Should I consider refinancing? A few things to consider include costs, length and flexibility.

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Tax Loss Harvesting  Thumbnail

Tax Loss Harvesting

This tax strategy utilizes losses from your stocks, ETFs and mutual funds to offset ordinary income taxes or offset gains from other parts of your portfolio.

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Throwing Darts to Pick Stocks Thumbnail

Throwing Darts to Pick Stocks

A group of journalists throw darts to pick a stock portfolio and compare the one-year results to a portfolio picked by professionals. Which is the better investment?

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Financial Planning Opportunities Thumbnail

Financial Planning Opportunities

There are many inflection points in our lives where we make long-lasting financial decisions. The interesting thing is that they tend to occur throughout our early lives before we think to hire a financial planner!

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Your Time is Valuable Thumbnail

Your Time is Valuable

One of the massive benefits of working with a personalized advisor is to save you time. I share a recent example of that in my own practice.

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529 Plan Fees: More Details Thumbnail

529 Plan Fees: More Details

Some readers wanted more information on where to find their fees and what they may be - so I wanted to provide some more details on 529 plan fees.

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